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Very few houses remain untouched by the wrath of nature in Austin, TX. Intense storms usually wreak havoc, and homeowners are frequently faced with extensive damages that leave their roofs and everything under them, unprotected. Most of these damages are not visible from street eye level; hence homeowners are not aware of their existence until it is too late. Storm damage roof inspection is essential to detect any potential damages and have them repaired early.  

When left unattended, these damages may result in excessive future leaks and severe structural damages. As damages are left unaccounted for, the costs and the hassle involved in repairing a storm-damaged roof exponentially increase. Moreover, your insurance company may not accept your storm-damaged roof claims if you have left damages unattended for a long time. 

Storm Damage Repair

How Sky Roofing & Exteriors Handles Storm Damage Roof Repair 

Sky Roofing & Exteriors offers free roof inspection with video footage to precisely know how many damages a storm has caused to your roof. The video helps our experts know what storm damage roof repair needs to be completed. We give a detailed report with repair estimated costs and never exceed these estimates.  

Our professional team of expertly trained and dedicated storm damage contractors works hard to give your house a top-quality roof that will keep it safe from intense storms. We will repair your roof and help with any storm-damaged roof claims with your insurance company. Moreover, we are certified roofing contractors by major manufacturers in the area of Austin. 

Storm Damage Roof Contractors

Call Sky Roofing & Exterior Before It’s Too Late 

Your roof keeps everything you hold dear safely protected under it. Texas weather is notorious for its severity, and you can never be too safe. Sky Roofing & Exterior has more than twenty years of experience in insurance and construction industries. 

We’ve been proudly serving Austin and surrounding areas, including:

  • Cedar Park
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  • Round Rock

Trust our excellent roofing contractors to repair, install, or replace your storm-damaged roof to ensure that during the next storm, your most precious belongings remain safe: your family.