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Why a Roof Replacement May Be Necessary for Your Texas Home

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Located at the heart of Tornado Alley, Texas has a high likelihood of receiving hurricanes and strong storms. While these elements can affect the whole building, they are particularly harsh on roofs, making roof replacement necessary. SKY Roofing & Exteriors is a residential roofing contractor with more than 20 years of experience in both construction and insurance. You can trust our expertise and transparency to examine your roof and offer you fair and cost-effective roof replacement or repair options. 

A roof replacement service may be necessary to avoid:

  • Interior water damage
  • Mold growth due to water infiltration
  • Pest invasion
  • Fire hazard
  • Roof collapse

Roof Replacement

We Are Your Trusted Roof Replacement Specialist in Texas

Contacting an expert roof replacement contractor for your Texas home will ensure you get the best possible results. SKY Roofing & Exteriors has 20+ years of experience dealing with a variety of roofing materials, styles, and solutions. We will inspect your roof and advise whether you need roof repairs or if roof inspection will be the most sensible action. 

Our roof replacement company is known for using top-rated materials and we are certified by major manufacturers.  And, with our experience in insurance, we will help establish if your roof replacement project qualifies under your home insurance. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we work hard to ensure you have the best roof in the neighborhood.

Roof Replacement Specialist

Looking for the Best Roof Replacement Expert in Texas? Call Us!

If you are ready to revamp your home by giving it a new roof, contact the SKY Roofing & Exteriors team. We are certified local roofing contractors and will make sure that your home is in top condition, whether it’s through roof repair or roof replacement. For free estimates & inspections, call or send us a message at (512) 971-1471. We are located in  Bertram, TX, but we also serve: 

  • Cedar Park, TX
  • North Austin, TX
  • Leander, TX
  • Georgetown, TX
  • Round Rock, TX